Jackson era adicto a cockteles ‘duros’, confirmó `nanny’ de los hijos de Michael a la prensa británica


THE nanny who became “mother” to Michael Jackson’s three children has told how she regularly had to pump his stomach to remove dangerous cocktails of drugs.

*Grace Rwaramba, que trabajó 17 años para Michael Jackson y ejerció de niñera de sus tres hijos, revela este domingo en una entrevista la adicción del cantante a los fármacos y su contacto creciente con la secta islámica heterodoxa Nación del Islam. Rwaramba, de origen ruandés, explica que a menudo tuvo que “bombear” el estómago del artista después de haber consumido un cóctel de medicamentos. La asistente de 42 años regresó el sábado de Londres a Estados Unidos, donde espera reunirse con los tres hijos de Jackson y debe ser interrogada por las autoridades como testigo en relación con la muerte del “rey del pop” el pasado jueves.

La nanny de los hijos de Jackson, la ruandesa Greace Rwaramba espera ser interrogada por la policía de LA

La nanny de los hijos de Jackson, la ruandesa Greace Rwaramba espera ser interrogada por la policía de LA

Grace Rwaramba, 42, who flew from London to Los Angeles yesterday in the hope of being reunited with his children, has given a graphic account of the singer’s increasingly desperate final months.
She paints a grim picture of Jackson, sometimes penniless but deluded about his “riches”, leading a nomadic life, moving from country to country and hotel to hotel, before allegedly falling under the increasing influence of the Nation of Islam, the extremist sect.
Jackson is believed to have been taking up to eight different drugs a day, including three narcotic painkillers. Rwaramba, who is expected to be interviewed by detectives about whether she helped administer the drugs, said: “I had to pump his stomach many times. He always mixed so much of it.
The nanny says she once called in the singer’s mother, Katherine, and sister, Janet, to attempt an “intervention”, trying to persuade the singer to come to terms with his addiction. Instead Jackson turned on her, accusing her of betraying him. “He didn’t want to listen; that was one of the times he let me go,” she said.
Rwaramba, worked for Jackson for more than a decade, starting as an office assistant before becoming nanny to his children, Michael Jr, known as Prince, aged 12; Paris, 11; and Prince Michael II, 7, nicknamed Blanket to distinguish him from his brother.
She was dismissed for a final time last December but still went back to see the children. When she visited them in April she claims Jackson was so hard up she had to buy “happy birthday” balloons for Paris on her own credit card.
On a previous occasion he had sent her to Florence to buy antiques for $1m. “We didn’t even have a home to live in. So we had to put the antiques in storage,” she said.
Yesterday an official with the Los Angeles police revealed the singer had become “heavily addicted” to the powerful painkiller OxyContin and had received an injection of Demerol, another painkiller, an hour before his death. It is now almost certain the police will begin a full investigation into the singer’s death and that Rwaramba will be regarded as a witness. Coroners in the case said yesterday there was no suspicion of foul play but toxicology tests would take several weeks.


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